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Friday, January 2, 2015

Crystal Ball Event at the International Market Square for New Year's Eve

Over-priced and underwhelmed. This event was called the Crystal Ball event...but there was no crystal ball. Am I foolish to assume there would be? It should have been called the confetti event in my opinion.

As usually, I would rather stay at home and have a Die Hard marathon, but I ended up going out this year since it was the BF and my first New Year's Eve together. Aww. I know.

We almost had to stay in because my tenant's side had no heat...luckily...only on the first floor. But after spending $130 some dollars on our general admission tickets which was only for an entry fee - no free booze not even a class of champagne for the toast - I was determined to go out.

We arrived there around 9 pm...a little too early for there to be a crowd. There was a $4 coat check and the coat check attendants were only allowed to take $4 exactly (I overheard). Luckily we had exactly $4 otherwise, I'd shit bricks. Also...longest wait was for the coat.

One of the pros of the didn't take us that long at all to get a drink and plenty of bathrooms so no super long wait.

To each his or her own in regards to how you prefer to ring in the New Year...would not go to this event again...although the headliner was what reeled me in. Dessa who I have learned of from the Tiny Desk Concert Youtube video. I think she gave a decent performance...but either the sound system sucked or I was to drunk to really understand her lyrics and songs clearly.

Where were you on NYE? Were you at this event? What was your perspective?

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