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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fasika Restaurant and Ethiopian Food Review

Yesterday I grabbed dinner with my friend and her boyfriend, and the only reason I'll travel to St. Paul is for food, the Asian grocery store, and to catch up with good friends of course.

I've never had Ethiopian cuisine before so I suggested we hit up Fasika. I consider myself to be a fairly adventurous eater, but I definitely have my likes and dislikes. And I'm not sure if it was Fasika or Ethiopian food in general, but it was definitely not for me.

Since, I grew up in a mom and pops restaurant the feel and environment of Fasika I thought was adorable. Hole-in-the wall restaurants are way more genuine and enjoyable than chains.

I think for Valentine's Day they had some alcohol specials with some Ethiopian wines. Unfortunately, they no longer had any of those wines available much to my disappointment as I tried to order the sweet red wine.

My friend's boyfriend who has been there before and loves the cuisine ordered the Tibs, which I had been eyeing. My friend also ordered the tibs but the chicken version which came with rice. To change it up a bit, I ordered the kitfo.

It's always a little difficult to be more adventurous when you are with people who aren't willing to share food, fortunately my friends were as I was not a big fan of my kitfo or any of their dishes to be completely honest.

The kitfo as described on the menu is very lean beef, chopped and warmed in spiced butter, rare or medium, cooked with mitmita, served with cottage cheese and selata on Ethiopian injera (flat bread). Or in my words ground meat in some red sour stuff on top of a spongy and sour crepe. The cottage cheese and selata (salad) were decent though.

It just wasn't for me. Everything just tasted sour and not very flavorful. I was sure to try the Tibs as well to make sure that I just didn't get a bad dish. If you are curious about Ethiopian cuisine the tibs is definitely the best dish to go with. It's like a stir fry but not as flavorful. Also, I didn't like how the meat was cooked. I thought it was a bit on the dry and chewy side especially for beef being cooked medium.

Sorry for the lack of the visuals, but we/I was starving and jumped in right away.

Have you had Ethiopian cuisine? Are you a fan? What do you suggestion? Any other restaurant suggestions?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ole Henriksen Skin Products Review

I think my sister told me that my brother-in-law said that being healthy starts from the inside out. Meaning you should be conscious about what you are putting into your body and be healthy instead of covering up your flaws with make-up or clothing.

Although, I'm a big fan of make up and the different and simple ways it changes up your look and style. I am a bigger advocate of just being healthy. For example taking care of yourself and watching what you eat and the type of products you use. Don't go cheap on skin care products or make-up. Those are things that you are putting on your body. Start by taking better care of your skin so you can look beautiful with makeup and even more beautiful without it. Be more preventative and proactive instead of reactive.

When I get older I want to continue to have nice skin and less wrinkles. So that starts with how I treat my skin now.

A few of my concerns are my eyes and dryness and blotchiness of my skin especially during Midwestern winters. I recently tried Ole Henriksen: The Whole Truth Vitamin C Kit.

This kit consists of an .1 oz eye cream, 1 oz truth cream advanced hydration, and .5 oz truth serum collagen booster.

I am a HUGE fan of the truth serum. It had a big impact on how my skin felt and looked. My skin was not blotchy, and it gave me a more even skin tone.

In regards to the truth cream, I know a lot of people are a big fan of the smell. They compared the smell to that of rotting grapefruit. I personally didn't mind, but I wasn't too amazed with the cream. However, I thought it was a lot better than the Clique face lotion I've been using.

The eye cream...who knows if it's effective. All I know is that it makes my eyes water.

How long do these product last you? It lasted me about 5 months. That being said, I definitely did not use it every day. I'm actually still using the eye cream now.

What products have you tried? What are you skin concerns you are hoping to fix?

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Monday, February 3, 2014

New Year New Do

Hey oh!

I've been saying to people "New Year New Do" when they say things like I'm thinking about doing this to my hair. Go for it!

I don't know about you people, but I was in a hair rut. I basically just wore it down all the time. Every day every day. And some days...rarely I would curl it and hope for the best.

Finally, it came to me while I was listening to the radio, KS95 to be exact, that I should stop thinking about getting bangs and go for it. Especially since Fantastic Sam's was having a new customer special for $11.99. Frugal me, found a coupon for $10.99. Plus I decided how badly could you mess up a trim and bangs.

When the stylist finally saw me and I told her what I wanted, she told me that my bangs might have a weird part since I had a cowlick. So basically she was like "I'm not saying but I'm saying...bangs aren't gonna look good on you, and you're gonna be cranky and not want to pay." And I was like "Hhhwhat?! We'll then I'm gonna go home, since bangs was the only thing I planned on doing with my hair. And no way am I going to pay $10.99 for a trim!" SO I said okay let me think about it and you can see another customer.

I then googled "bangs" and looked at images to see what other options I could have. Then I stumbled upon this image, and it parted like the stylist told me my bangs would.

Convinced that this beautiful woman could pull it off then so could I. I went back in more confident and 'got 'er done'. And although my bangs are not perfectly straight. I was satisfied what's the worst that's gonna happen. You wear a hat that says "bad hair day" for awhile waiting for it to grow back?

My hair muse this time around was the gorgeous character, Cece from "New Girl". Whada babe!
Who's your hairstyle muse? Any new hair do you are contemplating? What's your hesitation?