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Monday, March 23, 2015

El Tequila Restaurant Review

I never thought one amazing dish could keep me coming to one restaurant over and over again. In regards to Mexican cuisine, I pretty much assume their typical dishes will easily compare to other restaurants. However at El Tequila their chicken enchilada in the green sauce is pretty much AH-MAZING. I am constantly craving this dish.

It's hard to not re-order this dish every time I go there.

Chicken Enchilada with green sauce

Seriously, not sure how far you live from this place, but it's worth a trip just for their enchilada. It's the best I've ever had. Their chaulafan was pretty mediocre, but who orders "fried rice" at a Mexican place, my boyfriend. I've also had their chicken quesadilla on our second trip there. It was good, but I thought it was a little over-priced for what it was and a smaller portion size for the price. However, I can't stop eating their addicting free chips and salsa once I get there - so no big deal.

Their customer service is pretty good. However, there was a bit of a language barrier with one of their waitresses, but she's attentive. 

What are some of your favorite Mexican restaurants? Have you been to El Tequila before? What do you usually order.