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Monday, January 19, 2015

Simple Courtesy Can Get You Far in Business

I recently set up a phone call with a potential client, and she picked the date and time when she was available. However, when it came to the time for the call. She did not expect us and was not ready for the call.


We didn't or more so I didn't send her an Outlook invitation.

This is a person who is busy, and I'm the one who wants her to make time for me. I should take the extra time and effort to send her an Outlook invitation. This way we both know it's going to happen, and I know that her time is blocked off for us.

It seems like a simple and no-brainer act, but it's something that is necessary. It's a courtesy to them and basically how the rest of the world functions with a few exceptions. Plus, if you want someone's time and you want to make sure it happens. This is the best solutions.

So just a quick reminder that if you are ever contemplating sending anyone an Outlook invitation or any kind of's a good thing to err on.

What do you think? It is always necessary to send an Outlook invitation for a call or meeting?

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