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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rosa Mexicano Restaurant Review

We went to Rosa Mexicano for my friend's birthday dinner. It was a great location and a fun environment with outside seating.

However, in regards to the food. It was the equivalent to generic cafeteria food. I ordered the chicken enchiladas with rancheros sauce. It just tasted like tomato soup thrown on top of a soft shell taco. It came out a bit cold as well. My friend ordered the carne asada which she thought was too salty and flavorful.

Chicken Enchiladas with rancheras

The alcoholic beverages were small and over-priced as expected for a Downtown Minneapolis locaton. The server also asked us if we would like some guacamole (for 5) with the complimentary chips and salsa. We all agreed guacamole sounded like a good idea until we saw the bill. It was $25 for guacamole, and it wasn't even that much guacamole. It was about two avocados, some tomatoes, onion, lime juice, and some salt. Super over-price. However, they were fairly accommodating with our special requests in food as well as when we were dissatisfied with the price of the guacamole they did change the price to a half order. 

Overall I'm glad we gave it a try, but I wouldn't go there again and would not suggest anyone to go there. If you are craving Mexican food in the Downtown area...Barrios might be a better option.

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