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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black Forest Inn Minneapolis Restaurant Review

Looking for a romantic restaurant to celebrate an anniversary or for date night?

Black Forest Inn was listed as #9 according to CityPages. The BF and I went there this past Saturday night, since our reservations for UNION rooftop fell through. Even though I booked our reservation a month in advance. They called me two weeks before my reservation that a private party had booked the Rooftop, and that their first floor was available. Pass. I didn't book a month in advance to settle for over-priced mediocre food, it was for the rooftop atmosphere.

Black Forest Inn was not a great third choice. My second choice was actually Forepaugh's despite the rumored ghosts. However, since I only had two weeks for reservations...they had zero openings for the date and time I wanted.

I have heard good things about Black Forest Inn, and they didn't seem too pricey so I thought I'd give that a chance even though it was located in/near Uptown Minneapolis which I dread...due to parking. Black Forest Inn does have a small parking lot located behind/on the side of the restaurant, but it was filled by the time we arrived resulting in a two block walk.

I had made reservations, but it wasn't necessary. Anyone would have been able to stop in without reservations on that night. We walked in...and were immediately underwhelmed. The place seemed run down. The hostess asked if we would like to sit outside since it was more romantic and pretty with the outdoor lights and fountain. Tosh thought it would be better scenery...I hesitated being in a thin dress on that crisp Autumn night.

Black Forest Inn outside seating was more romantic, despite the fact that it was raining which caused a weird dragging sound above our heads, and one near us was talking about how she saw a "cute" mouse running around. I can see the appeal for a nice warm Summer night.

Outdoor seating Black Forest Inn
For an appetizer we ordered, two potato pancakes. It was delicious, and I would highly suggest it. We both enjoyed it and immediately inhaled both pieces. "This pancake is made with grated potatoes, parsley, onion and bread crumbs. It's kinda crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle."The potato pancakes came with some applesauce as well. I'm not sure if it was because I was hungry or haven't had applesauce in a long time, but it tasted like the best applesauce of my life!

Potato Pancakes
For our main course, we decided to split their Saturday special. Veal Cordon Bleu, tender slices of breaded veal wrapped around ham and Swiss cheese and gently sauteed to order. Served with a tossed green salad. It was a good portion size to split between the both of us. I ordered this, because I shamelessly love veal. However, this dish made me rethink why I loved veal. I think what ruined this dish for me was that the combined delicious veal with Swiss cheese and ham. It wasn't a great combination, but the breading on the veal was delicious.

To wrap things up, we ended the night with dessert. The server suggested the black forest torte. Their version of "Schwartzwalder Kirschtorte is four layers of chocolate cake with cream cheese filling & kirsch-flavored cherries between the layers, topped with fresh whipped cream." It was almost amazing, but yet again it was a strange combination. Everything about the torte was amazing except for the kirsch-flavored cherries which tasted too sour and tart.

I'm not entirely sure if I would actively go to this restaurant again, but if it was a spur of the moment choice on a warm Summer night, I'd definitely give this place another chance.

Do you have any favorite romantic restaurants in the Twin Cities area that you enjoy? Please share.

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