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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bawarchi Biryan Point Restaurant Review

It's amazing how much Indian restaurants I've been eating at lately.

You'd think I'd be an expert now, but not even close. However, I am beginning to recognize the dishes that I enjoy. It seems that biryani is always different though at different restaurants.

We checked a new Indian restaurant called Bawarchi Biryani in Plymouth.

Like usually, the appetizer was delicious and a tad bit spicy. It was enough to get my nose running. We ordered the Bawarchi 999. It was probably my favorite item out of what we ordered. I also ordered an Indian beer called King Fisher. It was similar to the American light beers like a Coors and Grain Belt taste to it.

For our entrees we ordered gongura chicken with naan and chicken biryani. In my opinion, the gongura was the worst Indian dish I've had. The gongura chicken was too sour for my taste. It didn't seem like that large of an amount, but I had zero desire to finish it. Gongura is a dish that is typically found in the Southern part of Indian and especially from my BF's area, Vijayawada, which is unfortunate that I didn't enjoy the dish. The biryani was decent although, I thought it lacked flavor.

Bawarchi 999

Gongura Chicken with naan

Biryani Chicken
Have you been here before? What dishes have you tried? Any favorite Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities area?

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