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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stanley's Bar Room Northeast Review

Is it just me or does nice hot weather make you want to stuff burgers and beer in your mouth?

We had two choices either I would attempt to make juicy lucys, or we would go somewhere close by for burgers. The decision was to go to Stanley's Bar Room Northeast, and that decision was based on the fact that we had a coupon for buy one meal with two drinks and get one for free (up to $10 value). We are frugal or wise like that.

Fruli Strawberry
I got to try my first Fruli Strawberry beer. It was quiet refreshing and was the perfect fix for my beer craving. I don't even really like beer!! This beer was a bit pricey though for someone frugal like me $8. I think it was worth it though. It's something you should try at least once. Even my beer loving boyfriend enjoyed it after saying something like " can you mix some fruit in with beer." They have lots of beer options. Check out there list.

We fatties of course had to have an appetizer to quell our hunger. My BF wanted something "light", and we decided on the jalopeno poppers deep fried in beer batter. Yes, apparently our idea of light is different from the rest of the logical world. No regrets. It was surprisingly spicy; however after the first few bites it wasn't as bad. (Baked jalapeño halves or whole beer battered and deep fried jalapeños, filled with cream cheese and bacon, served with roasted red pepper coulis.)

Also sticking with our "light" theme, we both ordered two burgers. I ordered the Blue Burger - Half-pound beef patty topped with a creamy bleu cheese patty and crispy onion strings. Lettuce & tomato upon request. It wasn't something that amazed me. However, the patty was HUGE. I'm eating the leftovers for lunch today.

The BF ordered the Stanley Burger - Half-pound beef patty topped with our signature smoked BBQ brisket, sautéed onions and gouda. His was nice and juicy and looked waaaay better than my burger.

This place had a good atmosphere. I think it's worth a visit but the burgers aren't anything spectacular. It's had a great variety of beer and wine though some that's something worth stopping in for. 

Any burger joints you go to get your burger fix? Been to Stanley's before? What beers did you love/hate?

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