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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Don’t settle for a typical trip to the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is definitely a must see when you are in Arizona, since it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world. However, you shouldn’t just do the typical trip like everyone else and just stand around wondering how long you are supposed to look at it, like the scene from “Guilt Trip” with Sean Rogan and Barbara Streisands, while taking your obligatory photos which you can later post onto Facebook.

Do something different and bold to actually experience the Grand Canyon like it was supposed to be experienced. Take a breathtaking trip in a helicopter with Maverick Tours. They offer a variety of options, which will please just about everyone. You have the option of either landing or air tours.


For example, if you take the Wind Dancer Air and Landing Tour, you can actually descend 3500 feet and land in the Grand Canyon in the Hualapai Indian Territory where you can hear about their legends and culture. On top of that you’ll be provided with light snacks as well as champagne. This is definitely an experience you’ll want to have a loved one around for.


Are you and your friends a little more adventurous than that? You should check out Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. You can choose your tour type from: helicopter, airplane, bus, or rafting. With the Glen Canyon rafting tour you’ll get a different experience and perspective from the rest of tourists. You will also have the opportunity to visit Antelope Canyon, where you will be amazed by the beautiful natural soft pastel colored rock formations. Your tour will be continued with a nice and relaxing float trip down the Colorado River. This is great opportunity to learn about the history and geological aspects of the formations which you won’t want to miss.


Have you taken any of these tours? Let us know what you liked about them in the comments section below.

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