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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Soap Factory Haunted Basement Review

***Spoiler Alert***

I had been greatly anticipating this event to be the scariest Haunted House I will ever experience in my lifetime, and because I had such high hopes it left me pretty disappointed. Although I enjoyed the theme and concept of the The Soap Factory, it was definitely something different than the typical Haunted Houses, I was severely lacking on the surprise or being startled portion of Haunted Houses.

We just went to The Soap Factory Haunted Basement this past weekend. It was a group of four of us, but we got split up to the couples.

Everyone entering had to wear a face mask. They spaced it out where it was just the two of us, and there was a "creature" which lead us to a direction for a moment and then they left us to wander on our own. It was super dark and an awesome experience to move the sheets and anxiously anticipating what we would stumble upon with each sheet. However, we ran into other groups/people who were ahead of us and heard them being scared/screaming before we were scared. Also, I made the mistake of pointing out all the creatures that were going to jump out at us to my BF instead of letting them jump out at him and scaring him. I'm pretty much the worst person to go through a haunted house with. There was one time that I was startled by an actor that grabbed at my foot, but I wasn't frightened more so pleasantly surprised that I was actually surprised once.

All the actors did a great job, and I appreciated their effort. There was one demon creature who made an awesome vampire/demon sound and looked super creepy that may haunt my nightmares, but other than that it was pretty not scary.

They tried to separate us a few times, but I didn't allow it and just held on to my boyfriend's hand tighter, but eventually I  just let them separate us as one person tried to shove him into a box. Then I ran into him again and had to ask "Are you my boyfriend?" since it was dark and as mentioned earlier we were wearing masks. Then another attempt to separate us. They took him into a pitch black room and apparently just made a lot of noise. I was hoping that would scare him, but he wasn't or so he said. I just waited patiently by the door for him to exit. When we tried to enter they would just slam the door on us. We also ran into the other couple who was at the event. I think what made the event lacking in the scare factor was all of the people what was in our time slot. It was too crowded, which resulted in bad timing. Others ahead of us where scared which made everything predictable.

Even though, it wasn't as scary as I had anticipated. I think it's definitely an event to experience at least once. I'd actually give this another chance having experienced it once. I'm excited to see what they will come up with for next year's Halloween, and I might even be so bold as to let us get separated.

Mask from Haunted Basement
Let me know if you've gone before and what your thoughts are. How does it compare to this year's theme?

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