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Friday, October 10, 2014

Smash Burgers Review

I know it seems a bit strange for me to be reviewing a fast food franchise such as Smash Burgers, but it was my first time trying Smash Burgers. My BF and I have been eating more "clean," low-carb meals and detox smoothies for dinner.

It's been tough, but we've been managing. Him better than me of course. Yesterday, we were both famished after work I was exclaiming how I could go for a big fat greasy juicy burger. We decided on Smash Burgers for our cheat meal. I ordered the Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger. I though the burger was better than Five Guys. It was seasoned a lot better. The patty was thinner though, but it was still nice and juicy.

I also loved the variety of burgers and sides that they had. If I had to choose between Five Guys and Smash Burgers, I'd pick Smash Burgers. However, I might have to revisit this when I haven't been eating so "clean". I might have a change of heart.

What are some of your favorite burger joints?

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