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Monday, January 20, 2014

How to get healthier hair without the fuss or money

For the longest time, I just assumed that women were born unequal and some just naturally had better hair than others. Truth is, it may have to do some with genetics. However, healthy and beautiful hair can be achieved but like most things you will have to work at it.

For me I've been running around trying to stay fit by playing sports and going to the gym. This meant I took more showers and ended up drying out my hair and making it flakey especially during winter. You'd think that I could just go a day without washing my hair, because some people go weeks. That did not work for me; my thick hair looks super greasy after one day of not washing it. Plus I felt self-conscious about my hair smelling.

Here are some solutions that have worked for me:
1. Instead shampooing with every wash just condition it. Regardless of what kind of conditioner you use one day without the shampoo will do wonders. It feels more smooth and less dry within a day.

2. Try leave-in conditioner. I personally loved the Bumble to Bumble leave-in conditioner.

$24 for 8 oz

I know you thought I said "without the fuss and MONEY". It seems a bit steep, but this actually goes a long way and you won't be using it every day.

Here are other leave-in conditioners for you to consider.

3. Dry shampoo. I hear it does wonders, but the only dry shampoo I have tried was Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. It didn't really seem to work for me. My hair didn't seem any less greasy. I thought it basically was a perfume for my hair so I felt less self-conscious about the smell.

4. Head and shoulders. This does actually does wonders for dandruff. It's a bit tingly at first. There are different type of dandruff.

5. Stop with the burning hot showers. I know it feels amazing, but it makes your hair fall out like crazy and dries out your skin.

What tips and tricks do you have? Any products to avoid or try out?

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