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Monday, January 6, 2014

A Smart Communication Plan for CSR

You might have developed an amazing CSR plan, but how do you communicate your plan to those key players? What are some challenges that you might face? How will you convey to the company and all of its departments the significances of CSR? Will you be able to justify to stakeholders and interests groups why it is in your company’s best interest to take on this CSR plan?

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when communicating your plan:

1.       Timing is everything. Be sure to communicate in the beginning what your plan is. Next, once you begin implementing your plan let the stakeholders and employees know what they are responsible for. Lastly, get together with everyone to see how you performed and how you reached your plan’s goals with their help.

2.       Be sure to address the right issues to the right audience. Stakeholders are more concerned about the numbers and financials. Leave those details out of your communications to your employees.

3.       Use a variety of communication mediums. Make sure that your consumers are aware of what you are doing with your CSR plan. Put this information up onto a website where anyone can access it. You should also create more internal and specific information to your employee and stakeholders as well. This way everyone can be on the same page.

4.       Celebrate your success and address your obstacles. You need to let everyone know if you reached your goal to provide good feedback from your stakeholders and consumers. Let your employees know that their efforts are appreciated.

Is there anything else you think is essential to creating a smart communication plan for corporate social responsibility? What helped your company? What are some challenges you faced?

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