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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jasla Indian FastFood Review

Jasla Indian FastFood is actually one of my favorite places to grab some Indian cuisine. It seems like we eat more diverse Indian cuisine here, but my BF doesn't like the price of it since it's more of a hole in the wall joint with similar prices to Copper Pot in DT Minneapolis.

Dahi Puri

Paani Puri

Butter Chicken and Naan

The dahi puri is freaking amazing. I'm so in love with it. We order it every time we go there. The first time and last time for me to try paani puri. It's a weird hard dough ball that you break open and pour some strange pea soup looking thing into it. It's messy and not great. It's also pretty bland and sour.

I do like their butter chicken and naan. I can't compare the butter chicken to any I've had any where else though. This place is for me, but that might be because of how close it is to my house. I think it's worth giving a try at least once and multiple visits for their dahi puri. I'm in love!

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