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Monday, May 12, 2014

Maiv's Eggroll Basket Review

Are you an eggroll fanatic?  I think this place is for you! Although I thought the service was sketchy and the food was inconsistent; (but I think that pretty typical for the smaller Asian places) the variety of this place is worth it.

 The ones I have tried are chicken, pork, and broccoli and cheese eggroll. I was not amazed by the traditional eggrolls like the pork and chicken. I wasn't fan of the eggroll meat quality. I think they had larger chunks of meat instead of the ground meat. It wasn't too flavorful, and the other ingredients mixed in wasn't ideal for me. I didn't like how chunky the onion or cabbage was and wasn't a big fan of the mushroom they put in.  I am obviously biased as I'm used to my mom's eggrolls at the Asian Cafe in Eau Claire though. Also our chicken eggroll came out a little burnt. In regards to the cheese and broccoli, I was pleasantly surprised. It falls a part easily but I thought it was delicious. It left me wanting more compared to the other two eggrolls.

First time I went in I wanted something healthier and got the steak springrolls. It was perfect the first time. Exactly what I wanted and hoped for fresh and light. You can tell that these springrolls are made fresh. The steak springrolls I got again the second time around, the meat wasn't the greatest quality and had a bit of smell to it.
Dessert eggrolls: Banana coconut and strawberry shortcake. The strawberry shortcake was delicious. It's definitely something I would get again and it's a eggroll I want all my friends and family to try. That's something worth getting. The banana coconut was just not for me. It was oily and the coconut seemed to be just throw in there.

If you go in, I suggest getting the half sandwich and two eggrolls/springrolls with your choice of chips, apple or orange. I enjoyed their bahn mi sandwiches.

What's my issues with their service? First time, I went in my friend and I had a movie to catch at 7 pm. We got in there about 5:50 or 6 pm. Our food didn't come out until 6:50. They had forgotten about our order. Second time, we asked for the banana and coconut eggroll and got a bubble tea or smoothie. Not a big deal, we also didn't get any silverware or napkins. Even though the services isn't the best, it's a place worth visiting especially if you are killing time before hitting up the Marcus theaters. I wouldn't suggest getting it for take-out though since the eggrolls could get soggy on your trip home.

Have you been to this place? What have you tried?

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