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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review on The News Room Restaurant

I'm grateful that I finally got to try The News Room restaurant and take it off of my list of places to try. It's definitely a place I'd suggest you try at least once. The overall food and quality wasn't really worth the price, but the atmosphere and design of the restaurant would be.

We went there for lunch and were blown away by their extremely large and overwhelming drink menu. I am definitely hoping to stop by there again for their Happy Hour.

However for their lunch, I wasn't incredibly impressed. Although I thought the service was decent as well as the cuisine, I didn't think the prices were worth it. Of course, I am a little bias since I love the hole-in-the-wall or mom and pops restaurants.

For appetizers we ordered:
-Arancini: crispy fried croquettes filled with risotto, benton's bacon,
and bleu cheese, served with marinara $8.95
-Brie Curds: deep fried brie, homemade blueberry ketchup $11.95

For the Arancini, we only received three tiny balls. A little steep for the price, it was good though. We were extra excited about the brie curds as lovers of curds of any kind and extremely intrigued about the homemade blueberry ketchup. I thought it tasted delicious, and the dish was worth it for the blueberry ketchup experience. However, my brother-in-law was not a fan of the blueberry ketchup as he thought it was too sweet.

For the main course, we ordered the Southern Bell Flatbread, Fish 'n Chips, and Kobe Burger. All of these dishes I thought were decent. However, the flatbread barely had any ingredients on it. When you first see it, it looks enormous, but it's definitely lacking any substance. My brother-in-law was super excited about the malt vinegar that came with the fish 'n chips, but having never been a fan of either I thought it was mediocre. I didn't think any of the dishes were something I would order again, but overall I do hope to make another trip there just to check out their happy hour.

Aside from the food and service, we also found the restrooms to be confusing. Still to do this day, I'm not entirely sure I went to the women's restroom. There are no signs and they are located right next to each other. I assumed I went to the correct one since it had more black and white images of women, but after leaving and taking a closer look so did the other side.

Are there any other dishes you've had at The News Room you would suggestion? Have you been to their Happy Hour?

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