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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is a destination wedding for you?

You and your significant other have finally taken it another step further and decided to get married. Now for the planning. What kind of wedding do the both of you want? Should a destination wedding be an option?

Here a few things to consider:
1. Budget. Who said money and love shouldn't mix? Realisticly, this is probably the first thing that needs to be discussed. Who will be paying for the wedding and how much is your maximum budget? Keep in mind, everything is lumped together in a destination wedding package. You only deal with a few people in this planning process. This is also your honey moon if you'd like it to be. You can easily stay a few days later after the guests have left to enjoying being a newly wed couple in a romantic and beautiful location.

Here's more about the budget of a destination wedding budget:

2. Theme. Do you have a theme in mind? What's something that both you and your significant want out of a wedding? What colors did you have in mind? What type of scenery do you want for your wedding photos. Below are a few theme options for you to consider.

Theme options:
And more

3. Once you have decided a theme, the next thing to think about is your venue.  If you both have decided a beach wedding is what you want. A destination wedding is definitely a great option. Your ceremony could be right along the beach with an amazing resort right next door. Who wouldn't love the option of walking along the beach with the warm sun and umbrellas in their drinks?

4. Date. When will your venue be available? Does that match when you'd like you have your wedding? Make sure it's not around any holidays. It may be ideal for you, but most people will not be thrilled about attending a wedding on New Year's eve or around the holidays. Will it be during the winter or summer time? Everyone will be eager to get out of the cold to go to a nice and warm destination wedding.

5. How many people do you want to attend your wedding? If you want something more intimate, a destination wedding would be a great idea. Destination weddings are a lot harder for people to attend, since it's more costly to attend one. But it's a lot of fun and you get to do a variety of activities with your guest while getting some alone time with your significant other.

Hope this has been helpful on deciding if a destination wedding was for you. Please share some of your stories about your destination wedding in the comments section.

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